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Paul Hassanally

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Degree: Emergency Management

Year of graduation: 2010

As the Advisor of Corporate Preparedness for the City of Brampton, Paul Hassanally, Emergency Management 2010, has no small role in ensuring that when disaster strikes, emergency response professionals are prepared to react.

Disasters such as the winter ice storm of 2013, which hit Brampton particularly hard. What’s more, the storm occurred during the Christmas season when many departments across the city were shut down, recalls Paul. “We had to improvise and overcome a lot of challenges during the ice storm. It was a huge learning experience for us as an office, and for the city on a wider scale.”

Paul is no stranger to working under stressful conditions. Entering his eleventh year as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve Infantry, he has provided logistical support to a fighting company of over 100 soldiers in hostile environments. He now helps commanding officers interact more effectively with nearby populations. This work earned Paul the 2013 Soldier of the Year Award in his regiment.

Paul has been in his current role with the City of Brampton since 2010. Previously, he was working with Community Services for the city when a manager encouraged him to look into graduate programs that would allow him to focus on a more specific work interest. Sheridan’s Emergency Management program was an ideal choice for Paul, who also holds a Political Science degree from Brock University.

Outside of his professional and military roles, Paul frequently volunteers to instruct emergency management courseware to student groups and provide career workshops on behalf of the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers. “It’s crucial to be connected to the community, to see the impact of what you are doing professionally” he says, “but also to understand what people are thinking, and what’s important to the community as a whole.”

Currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management, Paul plans to contribute to the wellbeing of Brampton residents even more in the future.

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