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Nathan Buhler and Jorge Torres

Sheridan grads Nathan Buhler and Jorge Torres

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Degree: Architectural Technology

Year of graduation: 2007

Blueprint for Success

It’s been a long time since Nathan Buhler lived in his tiny hometown of Houston, B.C., but the architectural designer still feels the influence of those early years. “Growing up there was instrumental forming who I am and my love of design, especially design that could be considered ‘Canadiana.’”

In true Canadian style, Nathan’s most recent design, The Bunkie, created with fellow grad Jorge Torres, gives cottagers a functional and elegant way to enjoy nature. Unveiled at Toronto’s 2013 IIDEX interior design show, the structure has garnered interest from as far away as Finland and Japan.

Former Sheridan classmates, Nathan and Jorge co-founded the Toronto design firm, BLDG Workshop following the 2008 recession when Nathan found himself out of a job. As is often the case, adversity was a catalyst for change, recalls Nathan. “I had become increasingly unfulfilled in a position that was less and less about design, so when that job dried up it was the perfect opportunity to step out in faith.”

The positive response that he and Jorge have received for their work is heartening, Nathan says. “The exposure has led to offers for more good work which is probably the highest compliment someone could pay us.”

Behind their increasingly growing profile lies hard work and sincerity, he adds. “I think most success is achieved through a combination of hustle and being an enjoyable person to be around overall,” says Nathan, who also holds a Theology & Cross Cultural Communications degree. “There will always be people who are smarter than we are, but we just try to be genuine. And we really like design.”

In addition to small-space, multi-use architecture, Nathan is excited about home-grown design. “There is so much good work being created right now in Canada that it feels like we're part of a movement. Many of these designers are Sheridan grads who are finding platforms to show their work to the world.”

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