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Mirwais Taibi

Mirwais Taibi

Pilon School of Business

Degree: Office Administration - Executive

Year of graduation: 2010

Office Administration Executive (Mobile Computing Program) 2010

Mirwais Taibi is a Coordinator of Housing Programs at the Region of Peel. After completing his field placement at the Region, Mirwais was immediately hired following graduation. Since then, he has received several promotions in a very short period of time, having started out as an Administrative Assistant. Mirwais has been recognized several times by the Region of Peel for exceptional service to his department. In 2010 and 2011, he was a guest speaker for a class of students from the Office Administration Executive program.

Where did you grow up and what led you to study at Sheridan?

Originally from Afghanistan, I moved to Canada in 2002, eventually settling in Kitchener, Ontario. I completed high school in Kitchener and moved to Mississauga in 2007. I always wanted to work in an office environment, and when I read the opportunities that were associated with Sheridan’s program, I immediately signed up. I knew that it might take me some time to reach the position I wanted but I found that the program gave me the foundation that I needed.

It was a bit strange to enter a class dominated my females. But as the days went by, I created a bond with my new classmates – both women and men. I am still in touch with many of my close friends from Sheridan.

Do you have family here?

Yes, I live with my parents and nephew. My brother lives in Kitchener and my sister is married and lives in Brampton.

Do you have any additional education and special achievements?

I am a graduate of the Office Administration-Executive Diploma (High Honours), and a recipient of the H&A Forensics Award for Accuracy and Attention to Detail. While at Sheridan, I was also a student admissions representative (STARS). As part of my volunteer work, I have completed the Crime Prevention Academy with the Peel Regional Police, and the Family Literacy Program in the Peel Region. I am extremely fond of children. I take care of a little one in my own house and I enjoy spending time with him. The family literacy program offered me a great opportunity to work with children, and to gain more experience within the Region.

What was the best lesson you learned at Sheridan?

The best lesson for me was to stay focused and have a goal in life. I learned how to overcome problems that came in the way of my goals. The competitive job market proved to be my biggest challenge: I had a good education but limited experience. Thankfully, I was given a chance to prove myself.

What advice would you offer a student or new graduate?

Work hard and stay focused. Be proud of Sheridan.
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