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Michael Poeltl

Sheridan grad Michael Poeltl

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Degree: Bachelor of Illustration

Year of graduation: 1994

Poeltl began his career as a freelance illustrator, working for ad agencies, select magazines and a number of other media-related businesses. His professional direction evolved over the years and has held the position of marketing manager at several southern Ontario corporations. Though he is delighted to have come this far – thanks in great part to Sheridan - he had been working towards writing all his life. 

A.I. Insurrection - Poeltl's newest book of the Sci-fi genre, and tenth published book since 2009 - is available now. After writing a Sci-fi short in his 2015 anthology, Waning Metaphorically - and Sci-fi being a go to genre of his own - Poeltl has imagined an exciting universe which will take you more than one-hundred-forty years into the near-future. Think: Red Rising, meets I Robot, meets Blade Runner (Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep).

A.I. Insurrection: 2162. Artificial intelligence claims sentience, but it's the proof that will divide the world, and usher in the violent end to utopia unless Chancellor Bellows and his sister can alter the destructive path General August, rebel Hosts and an emerging threat pose. 

Michael Poeltl was voted Best Writer/Author for 2010 in October by View Magazine: A weekly alternative newspaper reaching over 1 million potential voters/viewers. 

Prior to his 2018 science fiction launch, Poeltl has released the illustrated young readers book: An Angry Earth - A cautionary tale of ignorance and the apocalypse, a general fiction novel: Her Past's Present, a children's novella: West of Noreaso, A Dytopian Trilogy: The Judas Syndrome, the Hello Me series - teaching children and adults the science of their spirit, and in 2015: Waning Metaphorically; A collection of short stories.  

"Always grateful for the opportunity to get my books (and ideas) out there and into the hands of readers."

For more information on the books, visit www.mikepoeltl.com

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