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Mahmoud Jaradat

mahmoud jaradat

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Degree: Architectural Technician

Year of graduation: 2005

Trading Turmoil for Prosperity

When conflict knocks down the life you’ve known for the past 25 years, how do you rebuild? For Mahmoud Jaradat, the eruption of “terror and turmoil” in his hometown in Palestine swept away a quarter century spent working at his family’s home building business. While he professes that ending up in Canada was a heaven-sent gift, Mahmoud’s consequent drive and the direction provided by Sheridan’s Architectural Technician program laid out the blueprints for a career divine in its own right.

Mahmoud is the owner and general manager of MJ Concrete Forming Specialists, where he works with clients as diverse as TTC, Metrolinx and private contractors. His profession was a natural step given his childhood love of architectural planning, but Mahmoud attributes his success as a business owner to the skills he learned as a student.

While attending Sheridan, Mahmoud worked with a concrete forming company, applying what he learned in the classroom. “By the time I graduated, I had perfected my skills, from concrete forming to managing employees and carrying jobs on my own,” he says.

Mahmoud’s Sheridan experience also fostered the drive that carries on into his present work. After he and his classmates fared poorly on an assignment, their instructor galvanized Mahmoud. “I was deeply moved by his words, and I respect him for giving me this lesson in life.”

Indeed, Mahmoud’s professional accomplishments stand as a testament to this insight. An attractive student to prospective employers, he landed a job as a contracting coordinator with Defence Construction Canada soon after graduating in 2005. While the work was good and Mahmoud excelled at it, he recalls wanting more: “I didn’t like to be trapped in an office with restricted company rules. Then I thought of the idea of being on my own with a business I am best at, which is concrete forming.”

Mahmoud’s experience in architectural design from Sheridan gave him a leg up when communicating with architects and structural engineers, a vital skill for ensuring that he gets the job done right for his customers.

With a little luck, a lot of drive and a helping hand from Sheridan faculty, Mahmoud built a company that followed in his father’s footsteps. While it may not be in his original homeland, Mahmoud’s vision and skills provided a solid foundation for a prosperous life in Canada.

By Andrew Ursel (Public Relations - Corporate Communications, 2016)

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