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Ken Gangbar

Ken Gangbar

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Degree: Crafts and Design - Ceramics

Year of graduation: 1995

Ken Gangbar Studio

I am an artist whose work springs from nature – its elements, forces and cycles. The result is a creative and innovative collision between the natural and the industrial. 

My sculptures appear in cities all over the world, including New York, Moscow, Athens and Toronto. Some of my most notable installations are featured in the St. Regis Hotel in New York, Nobu Restaurant in Athens and SE Hotel in San Diego. I am currently working on prospective projects in New York, California and Chicago. 

My clients include a wide range of international architecture and design firms, private clients and consultants. Much of my work is site-specific and commission-based, allowing my art to develop in new directions based on the clients’ needs. Working with artists from other disciplines also expands my creative world. 

I often deal in multiples of a shape which creates energy and fluidity enhancing the play of light and shadow, a key component of my art. While I work primarily with porcelain, glass and metal, I have a very flexible approach which allows me to explore prospects in ever-new materials. 

I came to Sheridan to study ceramics after completing a B.A. in Native Studies from Trent University. Two years after graduating, I set up my first studio in Toronto and spent six years creating dishes and other functional pieces. This stage of my life was a natural progression of my Sheridan training which focused on fundamental design work. As I always preferred individual designing rather than production work, I decided in 2003 to focus mainly on sculpture. This meant finding new studio space, building a new client base and essentially reinventing myself. Despite my concentration on sculpture, I have never strayed too far from my ceramics background, having taught adult ceramic classes out of my studio for the past nine years. 

Although it has not been easy to thrive in the economic downturn, I don’t feel as though I am compromising my art to make a living. I welcome the involvement of my clients and have no problem making changes. It’s all part of doing business. My clients are highly affected by the economy, thereby so am I. I have learned to stay on track and meet the challenge.


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