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Justin Cote

Justin Cote

Pilon School of Business

Degree: Business Administration - Accounting

Year of graduation: 2006

When Justin Cote speaks to accounting students about landing that big job, he counsels them to be prepared – but not too prepared. “Job applicants can be so determined to make a good impression that they have pre-scripted responses that just don’t resonate, or they try to be someone they aren’t,” says Justin, Audit Senior at Deloitte LLP in Burlington.

For example, a student once cited his volunteering at a local charity as his greatest accomplishment, said Justin. “Though admirable, I wasn’t satisfied with his response as it felt forced. After a bit more digging, the student mentioned that he had won 2nd place in a national go-karting tournament. This is the kind of individuality a prospective employer will remember in an interview. Be comfortable with who you are.”

Justin has offered career advice to students both at Sheridan and Brock University where he earned a Bachelor of Accounting in 2009. While at Brock, he was part of the accounting team that placed second at Western Canada’s largest business competition (JDC West Competition). A Sheridan Scholar, Justin also received Brock’s Distinguished Graduating Student Award for having the highest grade point average in his program. And all while working part-time at Zellers and volunteering throughout his entire post-secondary career.

Justin’s volunteer efforts extend beyond mentoring business students and new graduates. Since 2011, he has been the Treasurer of the Grimsby Early Years Centres which provides free children’s and youth programs. Since joining Deloitte in 2009, he has devoted time to the firm’s CA Tax Clinic assisting low income families in preparing personal tax returns.

These accomplishments are all the more commendable as Justin “was admittedly not the brightest high school student” in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario. But thanks to the guiding force of a high school teacher and Sheridan faculty, he found the motivation to excel. “I am pursuing the CA (chartered accountant) designation because every CA I had met at Sheridan – including Coordinator, Sally Mitzel – was full of character, integrity, and a leader in their field. I looked up to them and wanted to follow in their shoes.”

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