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John Falcon

John Falcon

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Degree: Law and Security

Year of graduation: 1977

Once a Bruin, Always a Bruin

John Falcon bleeds blue. Double-blue, that is. Part of the Sheridan Bruins winning hockey tradition, John established himself as an all-round leader both on and off the ice throughout his time at Sheridan. Almost three decades later, John still treasures the memories of the years he donned the Sheridan colours to represent his school.

“I loved my time at Sheridan College. It was the best three years of my life.”

Sheridan was still a young college when John arrived in 1974, having been opened for only six years. There was a sense of excitement and camaraderie in being part of such a new and innovative learning environment, he says. “The teachers, the students were all very friendly; it was like one big family.”

John dove eagerly into student life, becoming Student Union President in 1976-77, and spearheading an ongoing series of events to raise funds for all the departments within the college.

He shone as a varsity hockey and football player, and was designated an All Canadian for Sheridan College (hockey) and Athlete of the Year in 1977.

“The Athletic Department was well-run and very adept at making you feel like an important part of the program,” says John, an avid fitness buff whose muscular frame and entertaining workouts earned him the nickname Beach Boy at Sheridan. In fact, athletic excellence is still a big part of life for John, who competed in the 2006 TSN Fire Fit Challenge, winning a slot in the Canadian Finals.

A Corrections Officer for the provincial government for a dozen years following graduation, John made a career switch to sales in 1989 and never looked back. He has held senior positions with Duracell (where he was named the top performer in Canada three times), Gillette, and Bossman before moving to Champion Industrial Equipment in 2004.

But it is John’s work as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Orillia that he finds the most rewarding. Long-time President of the local Volunteer Fire Fighter Association, John oversees ongoing efforts to raise funds for people in need – over $18,000 in the past year alone.

“Knowing that you are helping people in a time of tragedy is very satisfying and humbling,” he says. “You can never take anything for granted in this world, adds John, who credits Former Athletic Director John Cruickshank with teaching him this and other life lessons.

“John Cruickshank was a major factor in my success in athletics, academics and the years that followed. He instilled confidence in me and taught me that if you believe in something strongly enough, you should go for it and not look back.”
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