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Jennifer Benedict

Sheridan grad Jennifer Benedict

Degree: Architectural Technology

Year of graduation: 2008

Designing for the Future

Today’s architectural technology grads do more than help design new buildings. They are doing their part to tackle the energy concerns of the future. Part of Jennifer Benedict’s job as a Building Consultant for CDW Engineering focuses on the sustainable restoration of existing structures.

Building sustainability and optimization are growing segments of the engineering and architecture field, says Jennifer, a 2008 grad who took on her present position in 2013. “Computerized technology for energy management in particular, is becoming an important part of all new and existing buildings. There is also a welcome trend to reduce construction waste and use more recycled and durable materials, all of which are important for a sustainable future.” The next challenge, adds Jennifer, is to see these developments in widespread use. “There are great advancements in renewable energy but not enough application yet.”

Jennifer’s interest in environmental studies led her to gain a degree in the field from the University of Waterloo following her Sheridan graduation. She then went on to earn a Masters of Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Her attachment to Sheridan, however, remains strong. She met her husband at the college and forged some close friendships through her program and as a member of the Student Union. For the past two years, Jennifer has shared the knowledge she gained along the way with students as an alumni mentor and speaker. “I look back at my education and know that I learned the most and got the most value out of my college experience.”

Whether they apply their education to designing new buildings or restoring old ones, today’s architectural technology grads should take advantage of any opportunities to learn, says Jennifer, now a Certified Engineering Technologist. “It’s hard to keep up with the fast pace of technology once you’re away from school. Continuous education in any industry is what keeps us one step ahead in a world that is changing constantly.”

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