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Jeff Capogreco

Jeff Capogreco

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Degree: Computer Animation

Year of graduation: 2003

Special Effects

Details of your career 

Since graduating from Computer Animation at Sheridan in 2003, I have been very fortunate in finding and maintaining work in the film industry. I was hired right after Sheridan’s Industry Day by CORE Feature Animation to work on Disney’s The Wild. I was hired as an Environment Modeling/Texture Artist. I had a great opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s best talent, helping me to grow as an artist.
I briefly left CORE for six months to work for IDT on Everyone’s Hero and also worked on TV commercials/bumpers. I then returned to CORE Feature Animation to continue work on The Wild and worked on additional layout, modeling and texturing of assets. Once that wrapped up, I had an internal interview for a sequence lighter position. I was selected and finished off my stay at CORE lighting for various sequences of the film.

I was then hired to work at DNA Productions in Irving, Texas for Warner Brothers’ The Ant Bully. I was hired as a Procedural Modeling TD. I had a great opportunity there as well as the opportunity to move around and gain tons of valuable experience. After about six months I was transferred to the lighting department as a Lighting TD and eventually went on to light shots.

Once The Ant Bully wrapped up, I accepted a position back in Toronto at Mr. X Inc. where I currently work as a Modeling/Texture/Lighting TD. In this past year I have worked on the films Shoot Em Up, Balls of Fury and Resident Evil 3.

Personal / professional accomplishments 

From every studio I’ve worked at, I’ve picked up and learned new things. Learning Side FX’s Houdini has been a great accomplishment. I’m also very happy to have picked up an understanding of Pixar’s Renderman and some general programming knowledge.

Share a memory from your days at Sheridan 

Sheridan is a great place to learn – in the classroom and from your peers. I made some great friends whom I have worked with and still do to this day.

One memory that stands out is meeting and greeting the Queen when she visited Sheridan. She asked me a few general questions about my school project. I nervously replied back and at one point made her giggle. She then patted me on the head and continued on her way.

Tell us about a faculty member who made an impact on your life 

Jim Sayers. He really helped me along. He always encouraged me to try new things. He was a very knowledgeable instructor and a person I could count on to answer or attempt to answer some of my questions. He never once doubted that I could finish my final film and really encouraged me to do my best. I really appreciated his classes and deeply respect him.

What advice would you give a Sheridan student? 

When you attend Sheridan’s Computer Animation Program realize you are not going to learn everything; it is impossible. I am still learning everyday. Do your best to learn as much as possible from your instructors, but it is also very important to learn from your peers.

Work hard and stay focused on what you want to achieve by the end of that year. Try and determine early on what your strengths and weakness are, and focus on what will ultimately get you to your end goal.

Your instructors and peers can help you to make industry connections. Therefore, try your best to work well with others and help them as much as possible as it may help you to find work in the future.

Current Occupation: Modeling/Texture/Lighting TD, Mr. X Inc.

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