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Glen Hartwell

Glen Hartwell

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Degree: Correctional Worker

Year of graduation: 2006

Be Yourself

Details of My Career 
I just recently started my career at the Toronto Jail, also known as ‘The Don.’ My job consists of dealing with criminals on a daily basis, either convicted or not. Each day is unique and unscripted. I deal with minor incidents such as men complaining about food to major incidents like fights and hangings. My job is to provide safety and security for all people. When I get my posting for each day I make sure I do the best I can. It is always hard to prepare yourself for the worst but it is how you deal with every incident that defines each and every Correctional Officer.

I won several athletic awards in high school as well as (academic) honours. One of my biggest accomplishments was in my first year at Sheridan. I was playing for the Georgetown Raiders Junior ‘A’ hockey team. We won the Ontario Championships (Dudley Hewitt Cup) and were runner up in the Nationals (Royal Bank Cup); it was hard balancing the two. I also won a fitness award while training to be a Correctional Officer. My biggest accomplishment was getting a job in my desired field.

Memories from Sheridan
I don’t have any memories from Sheridan that are anything but good. My class became very close; there were very few, if any, conflicts at all. We did what it took to work together and made sure that whoever wanted to succeed did. We all understood that everyone was in the course for different reasons, and we ultimately helped each other with individual goals. The faculty gave us 110%. Communication and teamwork skills were a big part of this program and we became a team; everyone fit different roles. In the end, this program was whatever you made it. Like anything, if a student put 100% in to the program they got 100% out of it.

Faculty who made an impact 
Doug Bonesteel and Terry Kostiw. In my opinion, they were the two backbones behind the structure. On more than one occasion these two men helped me with my future endeavours. Doug first sat down with me; and his advice lead me down this path. Along the way, Doug and Terry helped me academically, socially and employment wise. They gave me great references, interview pointers, and both said the same thing: ‘Be yourself.’ They showed how much confidence they had in me. I personally would not have made it down this path alone, and now I could not be happier.

Advice to a Sheridan student 
Make your time at Sheridan whatever you want it to be. If you want to succeed as I have so far, then all it takes is a little effort and a little guidance. Sheridan provides everyone with opportunity and in the end only you can achieve it.

Current Occupation: Correctional Officer, Toronto Jail

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