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Divyansh Mittal

Divyansh Mittal

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Degree: Visual Effects

Year of graduation: 2014

Sheridan was an important part of Divyansh Mittal’s life even before he arrived. While living in his native India he had his sights set on joining the Sheridan community. Armed with a multimedia degree, Divyansh applied to Sheridan’s post-grad Visual Effects program. But after being accepted, he received a job offer in the design industry so he decided to work for a year to save money for his eventual move to Canada. Along the way, the burgeoning artist gained valuable experience that allowed him to focus on building the career he truly wanted.

Divyansh calls the year that followed one of the most amazing of his life on a professional level. “I entered Sheridan with little knowledge and emerged fully equipped to excel as a visual effects artist, thanks to the strong curriculum and professors like Noel Hooper.”

Divyansh himself stood out for his exemplary work with the Sheridan Production House (SPH), whose members look back on his contributions with fondness and pride. There, he faced his most exciting project: supervising his first movie. It was a short fan film based on the Legend of Zelda series but nonetheless provided Divyansh with many new challenges, particularly in project management and leadership. According to Divyansh, after the project was completed to great success, one of his clients made the following observation: “You said that you are lucky to be at Sheridan, but the way I see it Sheridan is lucky to have you.”

Through the SPH and working as a lab technician on campus, he gained plenty of industry experience as a student.

After graduating, Divyansh landed a compositor position at Toronto’s Soho Vfx studio and got his foot in the industry to work on some of the major projects of Hollywood such as: The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016), Ben-Hur (2016), Geostorm (2016), The Revenant (2015), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), San Andreas (2015) and TV series Zoo. (2015).

So how can graduating students boost their chances of succeeding in the world of visual effects artistry? “Never judge an opportunity based on the scale of the project,” advises Divyansh. “Instead, focus on the opportunities where you will learn new things, be challenged and grow in your craft.”

You will also learn the most when you share your knowledge with others, he adds. “Don't be self-centred; try to help others whenever you get a chance and you will find that you learn many new techniques subconsciously. Every great project is a sum of a team’s hard work, especially in the visual effects industry.”

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by Nicholas Elliott (Corporate Communications - Public Relations, 2016)
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