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Danielle Strnad

Danielle Strnad

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Degree: Social Service Worker - Gerontology

Year of graduation: 1995

Empowerment Through Creativity

If the best job is one that doesn’t feel like work, then I have found the perfect career. I am the founder of DramaWay, which offers creative programming for individuals of ALL abilities while specializing in programs geared to those with special needs. If I go to work feeling tired and disillusioned, our actors will lift my spirits. They have so many challenges in their lives to overcome that it really puts my life into perspective. They also often don't have any fear expressing what they feel; something that many typical adults have lost. So many small lessons in a long day! 

DramaWay has grown from six students in 1999 to numerous large classes offered in Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough. In the DramaWorks program, youth and adults with special needs 14 years old and up work all year on presenting a final full-length production. We also offer multi-art summer camps for children and adults, as well as classes in creative movement and art for both “mainstream” individuals and those with special needs. 

DramaWay’s programs enhance the self esteem, social development and communication skill of its’ participants, allowing them to connect with their community. Individuals with special needs should not be hidden away and given menial tasks. They are extremely talented with so much to offer. 

Our programs have received media attention from Canadian Living magazine and CBC Television’s Moving On. The Erinoakkids Drama Group won the Emerging Performing Arts Group Award from The Mississauga Arts Council in 2005. 

After graduating from Sheridan, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Drama and Education from Concordia University. My volunteer work with the university’s Drama Therapy program convinced me that I could blend my social work and theatre training as a Drama Facilitator. 

As a small independent company, DramaWay struggles to offer the best programs on a limited budget, so the help of volunteers and donations are greatly appreciated. 

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