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Brian Laundry

Brian Laundry new photo

Pilon School of Business

Degree: Business Administration - Finance, 2003, Financial Planning, 2004

Year of graduation: 2004

Giving it His All

Financial planning may sound like a dry and impersonal industry but is in fact quite the opposite, according to Brian Laundry, President of BL Financial Consulting. “People often share the intimate details of their lives with their financial advisors as they work to build a strong financial future for themselves and their loved ones,” says the graduate of Sheridan’s finance and financial planning programs. “I’m passionate about helping people understand my industry and the power of planning. Planning allows me to build a deep and personal understanding of clients so I am able to provide the best solutions possible.”

Not only does Brian provide planning directly to business owners and families, he works with investment advisors, stock brokers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals to deliver appropriate planning and education to their clients.

Brian began racking up business experience well before his Sheridan graduation. By his second year at the college, had thrown himself fully into Sheridan life, working as a bouncer at the student pub, playing varsity basketball and raising over $7,000 for the team. His impressive fundraising skills led to a specially-created position in the Sheridan Athletics department developing the Sky Blue student athlete Endowment Fund which has raised over $1.2 million to date. Another highlight of his student days: lunch with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 when she visited the Trafalgar Campus.

Following graduation, Brian maintained his Sheridan connection, managing the national college basketball championships which Sheridan hosted in 2006. Looking for a new challenge, the Burlington native began building his career in the insurance industry, most notably as Director, Wealth Management at Wise Riddell Financial Group before focusing on consulting. He has been an Insurance Consultant for Hollis Wealth, Scotiabank Global Wealth and Insurance since 2011, and opened his own shop in 2013.

“I have found an interesting niche in my industry which provides a heavy tax emphasis. My firm is growing dramatically by offering a high quality valuation proposition for clients,” Brian says. But it took some time to get to this point, he adds. “You must be willing to sacrifice your ego and short-term earnings to invest heavily into mentorship and your profession. I spent eight years learning all aspects of the business before I was capable of building a successful niche firm.”

For new graduates, Brian has this advice: “Realize that you must give before you receive. Recognize the value of having a mentor, someone who has been through the same path. Add the requisite hard work and success will follow.”

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