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Andrew Desouza

Andrew Desouza

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Degree: Child and Youth Worker

Year of graduation: 2014

Striving for Excellence

Reflecting on all the experiences, hurdles, and amazing people I have encountered along my journey, I can truly say that they could not have been possible without me having taken the Child and Youth Worker course at Sheridan.

Currently, I am a Front Line Support staff person at Christian Horizon, the biggest residential special needs foster care for young adults in Ontario. As well, I am a Casual Teaching Assistant for the Peel Public School Board.

After I finished my second year at Sheridan, I obtained a job placement as a Group Leader for a non-profit organization called Boys and Girls Club of Canada. Throughout my time there I worked with over 500 children and youth at seven locations. I assisted young people with resumes, cover letters and interview preparation. I clearly recall one youth who thanked me with tears in his eyes for helping him get a job. He told me he had been trying for over a year. Experiences such as this are why I enjoy my profession.

After graduation, I obtained a position as a Front Line Support Staff for the Oakville Children’s Home, as I wanted to gain experience into the special needs field. At first I was scared because I had never worked with a special needs person in my life. But, I enjoyed the experience so much that it never really felt like work for me. Further expanding my knowledge, I then went on to work at the Oakville Children’s Home before taking on my current role at Christian Horizon, which has been a phenomenal and rewarding experience.

Throughout my years at Sheridan, two professors made a big impact on me: Deborah Megens and Theresa Fraser. They were motivating and encouraged me to strive forward, which I did. My close friends at Sheridan - Marta, Sean, Monica and Cassandra - also made my years at Sheridan enjoyable and memorable.

To Sheridan students I would give this advice: Don’t wait on anything. If something you strive to achieve is obtainable, then move towards it. If you start lacking motivation, reflect on what drove you to pursue this career path in the first place, and if that doesn’t work, find your passion and change fields if needed. You deserve the best in life and you owe it to yourself to do your best.

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