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Alumni Profiles

Alex Avdyushin

Alex Avdyushin

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
Year of Graduation: 2008
Program: Chemical Engineering Technology - Environmental, Co-op

Keeping the work environment safe

I was born and raised in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan which is now an independent state. My family immigrated to Canada in search of a new home where human rights are respected and economic stability allows us to dream of the future.

Prior to coming to Canada in 1999, I was studying civil engineering with a specialization in water and wastewater treatment. Part of those studies included researching the devastating effects of human activities on the Aral Sea in Central Asia. So I have been immersed in environmental sciences since the mid-1990s.

Sheridan was the ideal place to continue my studies for two main reasons: The College recognized my credentials from the old "Soviet School" and credited many courses I took in the past. This allowed me to finish my three-year diploma in just two years. Secondly, Sheridan’s Co-op program increased my chances of getting a job following graduation. In fact, I ended up working at Alcoa, my co-op placement company, for several years after leaving Sheridan, advancing my knowledge of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management.

I am now the Health, Safety and Environmental Manager (HSE) at Stackpole Powertrain International, a global manufacturer of engine and transmission pumps for the automotive industry. I took on this position in 2014, following three years as an HSE Specialist at Stackpole. As I gain more experience in the HSE field, I believe it will only grow in importance for employers. There remains a lack of qualified specialists who can effectively manage occupational safety in industrial settings.

Although I enjoy the challenge of helping create a safe work environment, I strive to maintain a balance between work and family. Being a good dad to my young son is job #1! My wife encouraged me to go back to school and supported my effort to earn an Occupational Health & Safety Certification online through the University of New Brunswick.

In my free time, I also combine my interests in cycling and volunteering. As a strong advocate of cycling as an alternative transportation, I am an active member of the Midweek Cycling Club, which is one of the leading non-profit cycling clubs in the GTA.

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