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Aaron Walpole

Aaron Walpole

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Degree: Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance

Year of graduation: 2001

Aaron was born on March 7, 1979 in London, Ont., where he resided for the first 10 years of his life until he moved to his hometown of St. Thomas. For as long as he remembers, Aaron has been singing along to every type of music, from opera to AC/DC, with the hopes of building a career of his own in the music industry. Over the last few years, Aaron has been working as a professional actor/singer, performing in various stage productions all over North America and even the Bahamas.

Aaron has also had the opportunity to act alongside Forrest Whittaker and Jonathan Silverman in the film Deacons for Defense, which was shot in Toronto prior to his Canadian Idol experience. Shortly before leaving St. Thomas for Canadian Idol, Aaron joined up with his bandmates in what was known as, "Hooligan's Holiday," a bar band that was heavily booked for the few months before Idol began.

Almost a year after placing third in Season 3 of Canadian Idol, easy-going, guy-next-door Aaron Walpole has plenty going for him -- but then again, he always did. He went right back to his day job: stage acting, and quickly went to work on his debut album. Last April, the 27-year-old Stratford Festival veteran took on the role of Parker in a month-long run of the musical Rock and Roll at the Grand Theatre in London, Ont.

In November 2005, he joined the Barenaked Ladies at London's John Labatt Centre, singing the band's "Break Your Heart" (which he performed on Canadian Idol) with their accompaniment.

With a big heart comes big compassion: Aaron performed for a massive United Way benefit concert with that year's Idol winner and runner-up, Melissa O'Neil and Rex Goudie, as well as R & B singer Shawn Desman and Glass Tiger vocalist Alan Frew.

In 2006, Aaron's self-titled debut album was recorded in the studio of Vespa Music Group and was distributed by Sony BMG Music (Canada) Inc.
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