Two-year Post-graduate Certificate Bundles

International students can apply for two consecutive graduate certificate programs at the same time, to create a two-year Graduate Certificate Bundle. With a Graduate Certificate Bundle, you may qualify for up to a three-year post-graduate work permit.

Benefits of a Sheridan two-year certificate bundle:

  • Easy application process with our pre-bundled program options
  • You may qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for up to three years*
  • Take advantage of Sheridan's award-winning postsecondary education
  • International students starting one of the bundles in Winter 2023 are eligible for a $2,000 Bundle Scholarship. Four instalments of $500 will be awarded from the first to fourth semester. The scholarships for the Spring/Summer 2023 semesters will be posted once they're confirmed.

*Always refer to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the most up-to-date information. Learn more about IRCC’s PGWP eligibility requirements.

How program bundles work:

  • Choose any two of Sheridan's post-graduate programs to create your bundle.*
  • Some programs allow you to choose between co-op and non-co-op options. (Co-op is a 4-month work term.)
  • You can also choose whether to take a gap semester between the two programs.

*Programs that have a supplemental requirement (e.g. portfolio, questionnaire) can only be selected to be the first program in the bundle.

Examples of how you can structure a bundle with two programs:

Prog = Program

1 Prog #1 Prog #1 Prog #2 Prog #2      
2 Prog #1 Prog #1 Prog #2 Prog #2 Co-op    
3 Prog #1 Prog #1   Prog #2 Prog #2    
4 Prog #1 Prog #1   Prog #2 Prog #2 Co-op  
5 Prog #1 Prog #1 Co-op Prog #2 Prog #2    
6 Prog #1 Prog #1 Co-op Prog #2 Prog #2 Co-op  
7 Prog #1 Prog #1 Co-op   Prog #2 Prog #2  
8 Prog #1 Prog #1 Co-op   Prog #2 Prog #2 Co-op

How to apply:

Apply through Sheridan's International Student application portal.

Application requirements:

The minimum GPA requirement varies by program. You must meet the admission requirements for both programs to receive an offer for the bundle. If you meet the requirement for one program but not the other, your application will be redirected from the bundle to the eligible program.


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