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Work Abroad

Would you like to work abroad?

Working abroad is an amazing opportunity that often requires extensive preparation.  Depending on your program, you may have the option to complete your work-integrated learning outside of Canada.  

  • If you are enrolled in a program that offers a field placement/experience or mandatory professional practice, please contact your field coordinator/field liaison to determine if it is possible for you to complete your placement/experience/practice outside of Canada.  If so, your field coordinator/field liaison will work with the International Office to help you meet the necessary travel requirements.
  • If you are enrolled in in a program that offers a co-op or internship, your process is listed below. 

Co-op/Internship Process for Working Abroad

It’s important to know that most co-op/internship work-terms are student generated/co-op assisted, which means you will be responsible for finding leads and opportunities of interest, and your co-op advisor will be able to assist you with how to approach employers, tailoring your resume and preparing for interviews.

Step 1: Research Going Abroad

If you are interested in going abroad, please contact the coop advisor in your faculty to be enrolled in the “International Work-Term Virtual Community”. This will provide you with access to resources to help with your search, allow you to explore what going abroad would look like and get you started on the application process.

Step 2: Find a co-op position

Students are required to research and find employers that they are interested in working with. Students are encouraged to reach out and apply for positions on their own, however if they need guidance in how to contact an employer, or assistance with resume/cover letter etc. the Co-op Advisors are available to help.

Step 3: Submitting Application and Receiving Co-op Approval

Once you have applied and received an offer, you will need to submit the International Work Term Application.

Step 4: Meeting Travel Requirements

All students, even international students who are returning home, are required to meet Sheridan’s International Travel Risk Management for Student Mobility Policy and Procedure. This requires all students to meet with the International Centre to complete a pre-departure orientation, register in the Sheridan travel registry, sign travel waiver etc. All details pertaining to student travel, paperwork, visa etc. will be overseen by the International Centre.

Step 5: Approval

Once you have met both the Co-op and International requirements, the International Work-Term Approval Committee will review all of the documentation and provide final approval for travel.