Skilled Trades


We have moved to Davis Campus and are settling into our new, state-of-the-art building. Come and see us at the Skilled Trades Centre, 'A' wing.

Sheridan’s skilled trades programs provide students with practical skills and knowledge in industrial and/or construction trade sectors. Learning in well-equipped, state-of-the-art labs and workshops provides students the opportunity to apply theory with hands-on projects, making them better prepared to enter today’s fast-paced work force.

Upon graduation students will have learned in industry-standard workshops, developing the skills of their chosen profession. Grads leave Sheridan ready and able to begin an apprenticeship.


Craig Brazil at the Taiwan Skills Competition 2018

Professor Craig Brazil, from the School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship, recently returned from an amazing educational and cultural experience in Taichung, Taiwan. The Taiwanese Government and Worldskills Taiwan invited Craig to join 12 other Skill Competition Managers and Chief Experts in evaluating practices and procedures, and judging methods in a variety of Skilled Trade and Vocational competitions.

Craig was selected because of his significant role as the Skills Competition Manager for the Industrial Mechanic Millwright (IMM) competition at Worldskills Abu Dhabi last year. His experience in Taiwan gave him a unique perspective to explore how things are done. Craig said his experience abroad will enhance what he brings to the classroom, and to his students, this year.

Craig's expertise in IMM makes him a sought after resource for skills competitions. He'll be heading to Kazan, Russia in 2019 to enjoy another year of being a Skills Competition Manager.

2019 Sheridan Skills Competition Recap

A big thank you to everyone who participated, competed, and came out to witness the 2019 Sheridan Skills competition. This year, students participated in competitions ranging from IT Network Systems Administration to Electrical and plumbing, to Automation & Control, Machining and Mechatronics, and IT Office Software Applications.

Students showed off their knowledge of concepts learned in class, and their talents and hard work throughout the day and were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals in each competition, as well as prizes from our generous sponsors. Congratulations to all the winners and participants, and we hope to see you next year!

2019 Accidental Apprentice Podcast Feature

Last month, the Accidental Apprentice Podcast came to campus to interview FAST Faculty Craig Brazil and Larry Hamilton in front of a live audience. They discussed their journey into their Industrial Millwright careers and how it led them to their roles as educators, as well as the value of skilled trades and perceptions and misconceptions about the industry. Thank you to the Accidental Apprentice Podcast for visiting and sharing Craig and Larry’s stories!

Turning a New Lens on a Career in the Skilled Trades - Anna Strachan's Story

Anna Strachan, Professor and Program Coordinator in the Skilled Trades, is passionate about her career and educating people on the industry. She recently shared her story with the Sheridan Curiosities blog and discussed her thoughts about the skilled trades industry, and her career journey beginning at just 16 years old.

Thanks to Anna for sharing her story and representing the skilled trades community here at Sheridan.

2019 Halton Skills Competition

This past Tuesday, April 2nd, we attended the 30th annual Halton Skills Competition at Craig Kielburger Secondary School, a competition that engages students in technological and trade education. The competition featured over 40 competitions for elementary and secondary students and over 1200 student competitors, as well as a career showcase and medals ceremony. As a yearly sponsor of the competition, we bring new activities to engage with the students each year at the Sheridan booth. Thanks to David Bradley and Dave De Francesca for representing FAST on that day, and the support from our Community Employment Services partners Kim Bertrand and Elaine Garley.


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