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EDI Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination Centre at Sheridan

Sheridan College is a proud Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination Centre (KMDC).

One of our primary roles is to support organizations, workplaces and colleges and institutes in their efforts to advance EDI.

What we offer

  • Knowledge-sharing events
  • EDI resources and tools
  • An EDI community of practice
  • Navigation of the What Works Toolkit
  • Learning opportunities and professional development
  • EDI coaching and consultation services
  • EDI advisement services to 50 – 30 Challenge participants in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington

The 50 – 30 Challenge

What is the 50 – 30 Challenge? 

The 50 – 30 Challenge is a Government of Canada initiative — in collaboration with Canadian businesses and diversity organizations — that aims to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in organizations across Canada.

The initiative challenges organizations to aspire to two goals for their boards and/or senior management:

  1. Gender parity (50% women and/or non-binary people); and
  2. Significant representation (30%) of other equity-deserving groups, including racialized people, people with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+ individuals and Aboriginal and/or Indigenous Peoples.

Sign up for the Challenge today!

Join more than 2,000 organizations across Canada that have already committed to the 50 – 30 Challenge.

Sheridan’s role in the 50 – 30 Challenge

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is one of five 50 – 30 Challenge Ecosystem Partners selected by the Government of Canada to help participants adopt diversity practices within their organizations.

CICan, in turn, has built a project team comprised of five 50 – 30 Challenge Hubs and two Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination Centres (KMDCs) to support organizations that have committed to the 50 – 30 Challenge.

Sheridan College is one of those KMDCs.

As the English-speaking KMDC in Canada, our Sheridan team creates and showcases tools that CICan's 50 – 30 Challenge Hubs and 50 – 30 Challenge participants can use to achieve their EDI goals. We also guide colleges and institutes on their EDI journeys.

Tools and resources

Inclusive Language Guides

Using inclusive language respects our differences, rather than ignoring them.

Sheridan's KMDC has developed the following Inclusive Language Guides:

These guides include a comprehensive selection of inclusive language definitions, practices and additional resources. They help us all communicate with each other and the people we serve in the most unbiased and affirming ways possible.

It’s important to be mindful that language is constantly evolving. Language should also be based off the direction of the individual (e.g., some people prefer person-first language, whereas others prefer identity-first language).

Fact Sheets & Tip Sheets


Webinars & Events

Since launching in January 2023, Sheridan’s EDI Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination Centre has hosted 15 webinars with more than 1,400 participants. More than half of our participants have attended more than one session.

We’re passionate about this work and committed to providing EDI coaching, consultations, tools and resources and more to support you as you work to advance EDI within your organization.

We hope you’ll join us for future events, which will be shared here once details are available.

Strengthen your EDI – Core Course Day

Date: September 27, 2023
Time: 9 a.m.–3 p.m.
Location: Sheridan Conference Centre, 1400 Trafalgar Road, Oakville

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work can be daunting. The What Works Tool Kit has a wealth of resources, but do you know where to start and how to tailor it to your organization?

This all-day session will guide you through the core concepts of the toolkit and give you an opportunity to collaborate with other participants who are on their EDI journey.

The Fanshawe College’s 50 – 30 Challenge Hub and Sheridan College’s Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination Centre are thrilled to host this full day learning and networking event at the Sheridan Conference Centre, 1400 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON, L6H 2L1.

Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Note: All are welcome however, preference will be given to organizations that have signed the 50 – 30 challenge, due to limited seating.

Meet the team

We want to support you on your equity, diversity and inclusion journey.

Connect with us to learn more:

905-845-9430, ext. 33010

  • Sabreena Ghaffar-SiddiquiProfessor, researcher, and a trailblazer in the EDI sector, Sabreena's contributions as a public intellectual continue to make an impact on policies relating to the equity of immigrants and racialized equity-deserving groups in Canada. Sabreena is leading the “Community of Practice” and is developing the highly anticipated Executive Leadership and Non-profit Board Leadership Certificate Programs/Learning Series. She provides expert EDI analysis, training, strategies and leadership coaching to the project. Fluent in seven languages and an award-winning public speaker, Sabreena is a passionate social justice advocate who you may have seen on TV! Send an e-mail anytime to connect.

    Email: sabreena.ghaffarsiddiqui@sheridancollege.ca
    Calendar: Book a time to speak with Sabreena

  • Abigail SaloleAbigail is an award-winning educator who taught courses on social justice and equity before becoming a leader in Sheridan’s Office of Inclusive Communities. She led Sheridan’s participation in the Tri-Council Dimensions pilot and now directs Sheridan’s EDI institutional accountability initiatives to further embed EDI across the institution. Connect with Abigail if you have ideas on EDI tool creation for the project, EDI in colleges or would like to share cat videos or chat about cross-stitching.

  • Alicia SullivanAlicia is a dedicated leader and EDI professional who currently serves as Sheridan’s Manager, EDI Knowledge Mobilization. She provides EDI consultations and coaching to hubs and pledged participants, crafts high impact EDI solutions and facilitates training about how to achieve the 50 – 30 Challenge. She contributes to the wider community as an EDI adviser to Halton organizations, helping them achieve and sustain their equity, diversity and inclusion goals. Alicia is a fitness enthusiast who welcomes the opportunity for a fitness challenge any day! Contact Alicia to get support on your EDI journey.

    Email: alicia.sullivan@sheridancollege.ca
    Calendar: Book a time to speak with Alicia

  • Wendy WangWendy is passionate about promoting EDI in all aspects of her work. Her strong commitment to EDI is reflected in her research experience exploring discrimination faced by the immigrant community. Wendy works part-time on the 50 – 30 Challenge and supports the team by creating effective channels for communication and evaluation. She also works closely with team members to coordinate EDI events and connect people with the resources they need. Contact Wendy for 50 – 30 Challenge resources or to chat about dogs and yoga!

    Email: wendy.wang@sheridancollege.ca

  • Alyssa WarnockAlyssa values radical engagement and investing in individual potential. She is dedicated to equity, diversity and inclusion and recognizes its importance in ensuring healthy and thriving communities. As the EDI Project Assistant, she is a good person to connect with when you are not sure who to connect with! Alyssa helps coordinate events and other EDI initiatives. She also supports content creation for communication materials and social media. Connect with Alyssa to learn more about the work we are doing, how to make candles, or to join her in some crafting!

    Email: alyssa.warnock@sheridancollege.ca

  • Yudara Bernard WeerakoonYudara develops resources, facilitates knowledge management and supports organizations seeking to accelerate their EDI efforts. He has extensive experience promoting EDI, managing projects/programs and empowering groups experiencing marginalization in Canada and internationally in non-profit and education sectors for over 15 years. He is passionate about fostering positive change, promoting equitable hiring practices and creating a more inclusive society. Connect with Yudara for EDI-related inquiries or to discuss meditation and Newcomer mentorship.

    Email: yudara.weerakoon@sheridancollege.ca 
    Calendar: Book a time to speak with Yudara

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