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Centre for Global Education and Internationalization

The Centre for Global Education and Internationalization (CGEI) has two core functions:

Holistic internationalization across Sheridan

CGEI works collaboratively to integrate international, intercultural and global dimensions into the curriculum and all aspects of Sheridan campuses. Internationalization is interwoven with principles of indigenization and inclusiveness.

Study abroad, international partnerships development and management

CGEI coordinates key programs and initiatives that involve Sheridan’s engagement with International community and experiences.

Internationalization and Global Connectivity Strategy

Sheridan has recognized that engaging with our international community is indispensable to enhance our teaching, learning, research, community and industry relations. Adopting an intentional and purposeful holistic approach to internationalization is identified by Sheridan 2024 as a vital tool to help achieve Sheridan’s priorities of academic excellence, rich student experience, learner-centered services, and commitment to scholarship.

Sheridan's Internationalization and Global Connectivity Strategy captures key supporting actions towards achieving the goals for holistic internationalization set out in Sheridan's strategic plan.

Our Strategy is supported by four key pillars:

  • Intentional ‘glocal’ engagement & impact
  • Critical global citizens and changemakers
  • Global identity and profile
  • Strategic coordination and improved infrastructure.

The Strategy was developed by Sheridan’s Centre for Global Education and Internationalization, in close consultation with the Global Connectivity Advisory committee and feedback from key stakeholders throughout Sheridan. The Strategy has been referenced and reflected throughout Sheridan’s divisional plans for 2021-2022. 

Sheridan's International & Global Connectivity Strategy

Collaborative Online International Learning

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) courses virtually connect two or more classrooms, research teams and partners across the globe to participate in and collaborate on knowledge making, problem solving, and experience sharing.

Working with international partner institutions, COIL courses at Sheridan allow faculty, staff and students to participate in co-developed and co-taught modules that promote intercultural and transnational learning within our courses and classrooms.

For Sheridan staff and students, more information on our initiatives are available on Sheridan Central.

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