Lost and Found

Campus Safety is responsible for documenting any items that are reported as being lost, missing or suspected of being stolen on campus.

Campus Safety is also responsible for collecting and storing any items found within the facility or the surrounding grounds for up to one year — depending on the item’s value.

All efforts will be made to ensure that lost, missing or stolen items brought forward to Campus Safety are returned to their rightful owners in a timely manner.

Inquiring about a lost item

You may inquire about an item that you have lost in person at a Campus Safety Office or via phone by calling 905-815-4044.

QR code to download the Sheridan Alert! appYou can also directly contact Campus Safety from the Sheridan ALERT! app.

Scan the QR Code and download the app on your Android or iPhone.

If you are reporting a lost item, Campus Safety may collect your information to ensure they can contact you if the item you are reporting lost is found later. Valid photo identification (Sheridan onecard or government-issued identification) is required to claim lost items.

For more information on Campus Safety Lost and Found policies and procedures, visit the Campus Safety page on Sheridan Central.


Campus Safety accepts no responsibility for the care and/or control of personal belongings that are abandoned or left behind while on the property.

Campus Safety also does not take responsibility for any items that are stolen, vandalized, damaged, or altered in any way.

Campus Safety will not release footage to the public pertaining to any incident. We are only authorized to release footage to the police upon an official police request.

On a rare occasion, some items may be triaged as part of a pending investigation, and will be held as evidence for police. These items can only be released at the authorization of Campus Safety administration or police.

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