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General Education Electives

What is a General Education Elective?

Today’s employers are looking for individuals with flexible skills and a broad-based education that goes beyond their professional area. General Education Electives are designed to build creativity, communication, and critical thinking by letting students explore courses outside of their program of study.

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ (MTCU) Binding Policy Directive: Framework for Programs of Instruction 2005 requires that colleges develop, incorporate and deliver General Education courses in all Ontario College Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Sheridan’s General Education Policy is aligned to MTCU’s directive which outlines the role and rationale for the delivery of General Education courses at all Ontario Colleges:

Sheridan requires the following minimum number of General Education courses for each credential level in order to ensure compliance with the MTCU Binding Policy Directive: Framework for Programs of Instruction. Locally approved Recognition of Achievement and Sheridan Certificates in addition to Postgraduate Certificates do not have mandated General Education requirements.

  • Ontario College Certificate: Minimum 1
  • Ontario College Diploma: Minimum 3 / Maximum 1 Mandated
  • Ontario Advanced Diploma: Minimum 4 / Maximum 2 Mandated

At Sheridan, there are two general types of General Education Courses: Open General Education Courses (General Education courses which are chosen by students outside of their field of study to meet their General Education requirements) and Mandated General Education Courses (General Education courses that are identified and determined to be required by the Academic Faculty for students registered in a specific program(s)).

General Education Electives offered at Sheridan

Current Sheridan students can view the list of specific General Education Electives offered for the upcoming semester, as well as detailed instructions on how to select an elective and add it to your timetable, on Sheridan Central.

Sheridan offers a variety of General Education courses that focus on one of five themes: Arts in Society, Civil Life, Social and Cultural Understanding, Personal Understanding, and Science and Technology.

Below, you can explore some of the General Education Electives that are offered at Sheridan. Note that not all courses are offered in all time blocks. Some programs may also have restrictions imposed on General Education courses that closely match the content of their Diploma or Certificate program courses. This list does not include program-specific mandated general education courses.

    • ANTH17721G – Introduction to Anthropology
    • CULT10102G – Identity, Status, Power: Issues In Social Media
    • CULT13796G – Languages of the World
    • CULT14579G – Introduction to Spanish Culture
    • CULT14857G – Exploring our Global Village
    • CULT15738G – Multicultural Voices: Canadian Immigrant Writers
    • CULT19815G – Living & Working in a Diverse Society
    • HEAL11912G – Indigenous Peoples & Health Care in Canada
    • HIST14998G – Modern War
    • HUMN11713G – Perspectives on World Issues
    • HUMN18448G – Folk and Fairy Tale
    • PHIL18147G – Philosophy of Religion
    • PSYC10932G – Psychology of Human–Animal Relationships
    • PSYC15892G – Stigma: Understanding Prejudice
    • PSYC19599G – Understanding Cults
    • RELG12403G – Paths of Faith
    • SCIE10386G – Agony and Ecstasy: Addictions
    • SOCI10264G – Profiles in Crime
    • SOCI11572G – Serial Killers and Mass Murder
    • SOCI16039G – Introduction to Sociology
    • SOCS10206G – Social and Behavioural Sciences
    • SOCS19727G – Material Madness
    • Historical General Electives
    • MEDA14099G – Art of the Cinema
    • LITT19601G – Crime Fiction Narratives
    • CULT16012G – Diverse Gender Identities and Sexualities Around the World
    • MEDA10036G – Documentary Film
    • LITT15436G – Following Clues: Detective Fictions in Film and Literature
    • LITT11234G – The Graphic Novel
    • MEDA18291G – Introduction to International Cinema
    • LITT14310G – Memoir: Life in Story
    • LITT18748G – World War Narratives
    • HUMN19250G – Villain in Literature and Film
    • LITT19798G – Classical Mythology
    • LITT15586G – Sports in Popular Culture
    • HUMN16859G – The Undead in Literature and Popular Culture
    • HUMN18888G – Aging in a Changing Society
    • POLI11510G – Democracy
    • POLI16367G – Understanding Politics and Society
    • POLI18491G – How to Change the World
    • HIST19936G – Canada in the Making: Understanding Canadian History
    • PHIL100256 – Environmental Philosophy
    • PSYC19231G – Forensic Psychology
    • SOCI18578G – Working with No Pants: Navigating Work Post 2020
    • SOCS10155G – Myth Busting and Truth Testing: Global Migration
    • MEDA18621G – The Media & Current Events
    • HUMN14857G – Creative Thinking: Theory and Practice
    • HEAL13271G – Wellness & Healthy Living
    • NUTR14310G – Science of Popular Diets
    • NUTR19207G – Nutrition for Well Being
    • PSYC15065G – Psychology: Core Concepts
    • PHIL17545G – Philosophy of Love and Sex
    • SOCS10261G – Scams, Frauds & Identity Theft: Crimes of Deception in the Information Age
    • SOCI19754G – History of Science and Technology
    • SOCI13454G – Society & Technology: Challenge and Change
    • SOCS10476G – Innovation: Shaping the Modern World

General Education Electives are offered through Sheridan's School of Social and Life Sciences.

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