Proffesor photo

Mark G Palowich


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Mark Palowich began his exploration into the world of animation by graduating from Sheridan in the mid-nineties with a Diploma in Classical Animation as well as a Post-Graduation Certificate in Computer Animation. That opened the door to a busy and rewarding career in 3D Animation for projects ranging from long-form feature films to short-form television and commercials. Mark's notable films include Dawn of the Dead and Resident Evil 2, along with a vast client list. Mark began teaching at Sheridan in 2010 and has taught in Animation, Computer Animation, and Games programs. Later, he obtained a Masters of Arts in Creative Media and Education through Bournemouth University (UK). His studies allowed him to concentrate on developing his teaching practices to a higher level while integrating current teaching practices. He is still actively involved in animation and art in general.
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