Updates on study permits and Provincial Attestation Letters (PALs) for international students

Two Sheridan Animal Care students examining cats

Animal Care Centre

Home of the fur baby.

Sheridan's Animal Care Centre is accredited by the Canadian Council on Animal Care with a Good Animal Practice Certification (GAP). The facilities give students in our Veterinary Technician program the opportunity to practice their skills in an environment modelled after veterinary workplaces.

The Animal Care Centre is used for Animal Care labs and grooming classes. It also houses cats that are available for adoption.

The Biological Sciences lab is outfitted with microscopes, blood analyzers, centrifuges and other laboratory equipment that allow students to practice urinalysis, microbiology and cytology. The Radiography Dark Room is used to take, develop, and examine x-rays, while the Surgical Techniques lab contains autoclaves for sterilizing surgical and clinical equipment.

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