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Campus Master Plan


Sheridan has initiated the exciting process to implement a bold, innovative and comprehensive Campus Master Plan that provides a road map to transform our built environment over the next 30 years.


Our Vision

The Plan provides Sheridan students, faculty and staff with inspiring places to learn, teach, work, foster wellness, collaborate and innovate while also building stronger connections to our local communities.

The Plan focuses on the quality of place each campus offers, and on creating more attractive, user-friendly and inclusive built and natural environments with an emphasis on sustainability and wellness. The plan ensures that Sheridan’s physical resources and campus settings support the institution’s vision, mission and goals as expressed in the Sheridan 2024 Strategic Plan.


The Planning Team

Urban Strategies

Sheridan engaged a multi-disciplinary consulting team, led by Urban Strategies Inc., to direct the Campus Master Plan and related engagement process. Urban Strategies has led some of the most significant campus master plans in southern Ontario, including the University of Guelph and Brock University, as well as directed campus plans for Cornell University, Princeton University, and Simon Fraser University.


Sheridan initiated a 14 month process the Spring of 2019 to develop a road map to provide students, faculty and staff with inspiring spaces to learn, teach and work. Grounded in rigorous analysis and ongoing collaboration, the Campus Master Plan sets the parameters, policies and direction for the physical development of Sheridan’s three campuses.



3D Renderings

Davis Campus

Trafalgar Campus

Executive Summaries


  • A. Campus Master Plan sets the long-term vision, parameters, policies and directions for the physical development of a campus – its buildings, landscapes and public spaces, movement systems and general infrastructure. The plan ensures that new campus infrastructure fits within the overall plan and makes the best use of limited land resources, aligns with plans for supporting infrastructure, meets the functional needs of the institution and respects Sheridan’s architectural heritage.

  • A. Sheridan has seen extensive growth since its establishment in 1967. A new vision is needed to guide and manage future campus growth over the coming decades, and to pave the way for Sheridan to continue evolving as a competitive, innovative and creative learning environment.

  • A. The Master Plan considers the growth of each campus, broad patterns of development and opportunities to organize each campus over the short, medium and long term to ensure an innovative, collaborative, and wellness-focused setting to support not only our academic mission and strategic plan, but the overall student experience and quality of campus life. Other key elements include fostering connections between our campuses and the surrounding communities, and supporting long-term fiscal sustainability.

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