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Campus Security Services

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Download Sheridan Alert today! It is the official safety app of Sheridan College. The app features emergency contacts, safety tips, a personal safety tools, maps, and much more!

Sheridan Alert

Safety & Security Tips

From street safety to safety while studying, Sheridan Campus Security offers tips on how you can look out for your own safety.

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Emergency Phones

Sheridan's Trafalgar and Davis campuses are equipped with Blue Emergency Phones that offer a direct line to Security.

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Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared for emergencies by reviewing Sheridan’s emergency procedures and downloading Sheridan Alert on your phone.

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Report Worrisome or High Risk and Suspicious Activity

Have you witnessed suspicious behaviour on campus? Have you overheard a peer discussing suspicious activity? Have you seen suspicious posts or tweets on your social media sites? Please speak up!

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Fire Safety Procedures

Learn how to respond to a fire alarm and request an individualized fire evacuation plan.

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Submit Security Report/Witness Statement

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