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A student playing the piano

Candlewood Lake

Lake is indicated on a map with a marker displayed as a traditional alien headMacdonald Heaslip Hall
October 18–21, 2023

Produced in partnership with Pemberley Productions, PW Productions and Karl Sydow

Written by Carl Grose and Tim Phillips

A musical workshop that will probe your mind with questions like “are we alone?”

Inspired by the real Candlewood Lake in the Hudson Valley, a hotbed of UFO activity in the 1980s. This musical follows a UFO-obsessed Cindii who dreams of being abducted by aliens. Under the watchful eye of a sceptical community, she is in search of a reason to stay in town. Asking (and perhaps answering) the big question “Are We Alone?”, Candlewood Lake is an exploration of strength in community and the lengths we go to find meaning and belonging.

A stand-and-sing workshop presentation.

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