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Sinnathamby Sritharakumar

Sinnathamby Sritharakumar


Pilon School of Business


Dr. Sathy Sritharakumar (a.k.a. Dr. S. Srithar and Dr. Sinnathamby Sritharakumar) is an active researcher and educator, who is leveraging over 7 ½  years of teaching experience in academia. In the year 2018, he joined Sheridan as the full-time faculty member, ‘Professor – human resources management,’ within the Pilon School of Business (PSB).

Before joining Sheridan, Dr. Sritharakumar was a Lecturer for over six years within the Ted Rogers School of Management (an AACSB accredited school) and Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

At Sheridan, Dr. Sritharakumar develops and teaches courses related to human resources management such as training and development, human resources planning, human resources management, recruitment and selection and organizational behaviour to the BBA and Post-Grad certificate programs via classroom, e-learning, and blended environments. He is also the course lead for the training and development and human resources planning courses within the Post-Grad certificate program. In addition to teaching, he also supervises Sheridan’s BBA thesis capstone research projects, and a member of the Pilon School of Business Research Sub-Committee.

Dr. Sritharakumar specializes in business process management with a passionate research focus on ‘human resources management – human resources information systems’ relationship. His research raises the awareness of the contribution of information technology to business process management; therefore, his Ph.D. thesis theoretically outlines and empirically tests how the human resources business management systems significantly impact the performance of the human resources management business processes.

Before his career as an educator, Dr. Sritharakumar worked as an information technology consultant/professional for over fifteen years. He held positions such as IT Consultant, Senior Process Manager, and Configuration Control Manager within finance, banking, energy and health care industries.

In 2016, Dr. Sritharakumar earned his Ph.D. in Management, Economics, Research & Information Technology (MERIT) from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK. In 2009, He completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) studies at the University of Wales, UK and obtained his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from York University, Canada, in the year 2006.

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