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Campus Master Plan

Sheridan has initiated an exciting process to develop a bold, innovative and comprehensive Campus Master Plan that will provide a road map to transform our built environment over the next 30 years. The Campus Master Plan aspires to provide Sheridan students, faculty and staff on all three campuses with inspiring spaces to learn, teach, work, collaborate and innovate.

The Campus Master Plan will be guided by and reflect the vision and goals of the Sheridan 2024 Plan and other relevant institutional policies, plans and strategies.

This initiative creates an important opportunity to ensure that each of Sheridan’s three campuses can evolve as more complete learning and teaching environments. It will place an increased focus on the quality of place each campus offers, the creation of more attractive, user friendly and inclusive built and natural environments with a greater focus on sustainability. The Plan will ensure that Sheridan’s physical resources and setting supports the institution’s role as an innovative, creative and competitive post-secondary learning choice in Southern Ontario.


We need your ideas to help us shape the future of Sheridan for the next 30 years!

Sheridan has engaged a multi-disciplinary consultant team, led by Urban Strategies Inc., to lead the Campus Master Plan and related engagement process.

The Sheridan community will have several opportunities to contribute to the development of the Master Plan, providing valuable insights on the campus experience and feedback on the emerging directions for change. Engagement will occur both online and on each campus, providing flexible opportunities for the community to engage with the Master Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a campus master plan?

A campus master plan sets the long-term vision, parameters, policies and directions for the physical development of a campus – its buildings, landscapes and public spaces, movement systems and general infrastructure. The plan ensures that new campus infrastructure fits within the overall plan and makes the best use of limited land resources, aligns with the plans for supporting infrastructure, meets the functional needs of the institution and respects the college’s architectural heritage.

Why is Sheridan developing a new Campus Master Plan?

Sheridan has seen extensive growth since its establishment 50 years ago. A new vision is needed to guide and manage future campus growth over the coming decades.

How long will the Campus Master Plan process take?

The Campus Master Plan is intended to be developed over a 14-month period, with final Board of Governors approval targeted for Spring 2020.

What does the planning process involve?

Planning started in spring 2019 and will follow a five-phase process leading up to the completion of the new Sheridan Campus Master Plan, targeted for May 2020.

Feedback from students, faculty and staff, as well as from key stakeholders and partners, will be central to the development of the Campus Master Plan. As the process continues to unfold, there will be opportunities to review the planning work and contribute ideas to help shape the evolution of each of Sheridan’s campuses. This project website and Sheridan’s social media channels will be regularly updated to keep you informed on progress and how to stay involved.


For more information about the project, please contact:
Pitsa Davey
Sheridan’s Senior Manager, Campus Planning