Morning Sessions | 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Two presentations are offered within each Session. Presentations will run 30 minutes each (20-minute presentation with 10-minute Q&A).


Facilitators and Barriers to Mentoring Newcomers Research Study: Highlights of the Research and Opportunities for Experiential Learning

Dr. Ferzana Chaze, Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)
Dr. Deepikaa Gupta, Research Associate, York University
Heung Ting Kwee, Research Assistant
Dorothy Rodrigues, Research Assistant
Arlene Samuel, Research Assistant

This presentation provides highlights of a SSHRC-funded research study conducted in partnership with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership to understand facilitators and barriers to mentoring newcomers to Canada. Students research assistants were integral to the project and will present on the experiential learning gained through their engagement in the research.

Cultivating Trauma-Informed Spaces in Education

Nicole Johnson, Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)
Ida Gianvito, Student Affairs
Yumna Hussain, Research Assistant
Katie Sullivan, Research Assistant

This presentation will highlight the importance of postsecondary educational institutions’ role in addressing the prevalent issue of trauma and cover practical pedagogical strategies for educators and employees looking to enhance their practices with adult learners.


Incorporating Machine Learning in Engineering Design – A Case Study

Dr. Yasser Selima, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)

An example of the application of AI/ML techniques to a specific mechanical engineering problem will be showcased in the presentation, indicating the pros-and-cons of such approach and potential benefits in similar situations.

Future of Learning in Applied Engineering

Dr. Mouhamed Abdulla, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)

This talk is based on a recent book chapter accepted for publication with Springer Nature related to the topic.


Opioid Use, Misuse and Knowledge in the Athletic Community and its Allied Health Care Providers

Jacqueline Vandertuin and Dr. Dalya Abdulla, Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)

A summary of published research in the area of opioids, pain-relieving medication and sport health care providers.

Novel, Low-Cost COVID-19 Point of Care Monitoring and Triaging Device

Dr. Tarek El Salti, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)
Dr. Ed Sykes, Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI)

CMI partnered with Tech4Life on a simple, accessible, and cost-effective PoC COVID-19 self-assessment and monitoring system. The reconfigured system will support real-time monitoring and triaging of people who test positive for COVID-19.


Strengths 4 Success. A Reflection on the Solution-Focused Support Group for Academic Upgrading Students

Agnes Bielecka, Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS)

This presentation is a faculty reflection and student feedback on the formation of a support group and its impact on Academic Upgrading (AU) students.

Experiential Learning Insights Brought into the PSB Classroom

Garrett Hall, Pilon School of Business (PSB)

Draws upon the Building Small Business Resilience Applied Teaching research project and its incorporation into the Sheridan Pilon School of Business courses.

Afternoon Sessions | 2:50–3:50 p.m.

Two presentations are offered within each Session. Presentations will run 30 minutes each (20-minute presentation with 10-minute Q&A).


Collaboration and Creation of a Virtual Courtroom with the Open University

Mark Shufflebottom, Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design (FAAD)

Students worked in collaboration with the UK’s Open University to create a Virtual Courtroom experience for their law degree.

Hearing Their Voices: A Qualitative Exploration of Human Trafficking Survivors in Canada

Julie Dempsey and Marlene Santin, Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)
Jasmine Do, Research Assistant

This qualitative exploration of human trafficking experiences in Canada addresses the gap in scholarly research that looks at prevention and policy directives from a survivors’ standpoint.


Decolonizing Entrepreneurial Learning

Besma Soltan, Renee Devereaux and Dr. Marisol Campos Navarrete, EDGE

Sheridan EDGE staff will elaborate on the colonial perspectives embedded in entrepreneurial learning and engage the attendees in approaches on how to begin decolonizing entrepreneurial education.

Interdisciplinary Competency Development in Business Education

Marcie Theoret and Meagan Troop, Pilon School of Business (PSB)
Erin Stripe, Research Assistant

This presentation will explore the multi-stakeholder, collaborative process taken to develop our competency framework, and how the competencies are taught, practiced, and assessed in the curriculum.


Digitizing the Dead: Using Three-dimensional Imaging to Virtualize, Educate and Preserve

Rafael Goldchain, Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design (FAAD)
Dr. Jaime Ginter, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHASS)
Song Ho Ahn, Centre for Teaching and Learning

This presentation will provide an overview of an ongoing interdisciplinary project involving the visualization of archeological human skeletal remains for the purposes of teaching, learning and research. The research objectives centre around exploring methods and best practices for generating high-resolution, research-quality 3D representations of the skeletal remains of once living persons as a sustainable digital alternative to hands-on teaching, learning and research.

A Further Magnetic Integration of Filter Inductors for Circulating Current Elimination in EV Fast Chargers

Dr. Ning Zhu, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)

This SRCA research studies the latest update in magnetic integration of filter inductors in power electronics systems which considerably reduced the size and weight of the filter inductors and improved the system efficiency.

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