SCAET building at Sheridan's Trafalgar Road Campus

Sheridan Wellness Week Focuses On All Aspects of Student Health

Mar 18, 2015

Sheridan’s first annual Wellness Week is taking place March 16 – 20, with a series of interactive events aimed at promoting healthy behaviours to enhance both physical and mental health, and teaching students about personal safety.  Organized by Sheridan’s Health and Counselling Services, Wellness Week takes place a few short weeks before exams begin and final projects are due.  “This is typically a high stress time for students, and our intent is to provide them with some tips and tools for handling that stress, along with guidelines for maintaining better health overall throughout their student experience,” says Marissa Amoroso, Senior Manager of Health and Counselling Services.

Events are taking place each day at Sheridan’s campuses in Oakville, Brampton and Mississauga from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Each day will feature different activities based on a particular theme:

Monday, March 16 – Sheridan Eats: Budgeting, buying and cooking nutritious meals

Tuesday, March 17 – Sheridan Relaxes:  The benefits of yoga and meditation to manage anxiety

Wednesday, March 18 – Sheridan Creates: Students will unleash their inner artist by contributing to canvases set up at each campus

Thursday, March 19 – Sheridan Exercises:  Promoting the importance of movement, be it dance or a variety of other exercise options

Friday, March 20 – Sheridan Parties:  Friday’s session will focus on how to maintain personal safety while having fun in a social setting. 

Participants will be given a red solo cup at the outset of the activity, which they’ll carry with them throughout the event.  They’ll learn how to pour a standard size drink, play beer pong (without the beer), and don beer can goggles to experience the visual and sensory effects of being impaired.  At the conclusion of the event, they’ll check to see if their drink has been tampered with, and given information on getting home safely.

Media are welcome to attend Friday’s event, which gets underway at the Davis and Trafalgar Road campuses at 11:30 am.  Activities are taking place in the B-wing hallway at Trafalgar, and outside the cafeteria at Davis.

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