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Become a Peer Tutor

Peer tutors provide fellow students with support in specific Sheridan courses. The peer tutors are Sheridan students who are selected based on their marks and a faculty reference.

What you do
As a Peer Tutor, you will:

  • Work one-on one with another Sheridan student to tutor them in a course you have successfully completed;
  • Provide each student with 10 hours of tutoring per subject, per semester, or 15 hours per subject, per semester if the student is registered with Accessible Learning Services (ALS);
  • Assess student needs and learning style(s);
  • Design a tutoring approach to equip the student with tools for success.

What you get
As a Peer Tutor, you will:

  • Receive an hourly rate of pay based on years of experience as a Peer Tutor
  • Work flexible hours to suit your academic schedule
  • Work on campus
  • Gain useful work experience
  • Have access to different professional development seminars and year-end banquets
  • Develop collegial relationships
  • Strengthen your own knowledge of the subject material you tutor in
  • Receive the satisfaction of helping others

To Become a Peer Tutor, you must have:

  • An overall “B” average
  • A grade of 80% or higher in the course you will tutor in
  • A satisfactory reference from the instructor of the course you received the grade of 80% or higher in
  • Some exceptions are made for those students with other post-secondary experience

If you meet the above eligibility requirements, apply today to be matched with students seeking peer tutoring support:

If you are hired, based on the successful completion of the above three steps, we will contact you to let you know that your file is now active and ready to be assigned tutees. IMPORTANT: Do not do any tutoring until your hire is confirmed, and until we have informed you that you have been matched with students. If you tutor in advance of this, you are liable not to be paid.