Tutoring has gone virtual. As of March 18, 2020, Sheridan’s Library & Learning Services teams will be supporting the Sheridan community remotely during our regular hours of operation. All tutoring sessions will take place over WebEx. See Instructions for booking a tutor.


The Tutoring Centre offers 3 types of tutoring:

(1) Learning Assistants at the Tutoring Centre
(2) PAL Leaders in the classroom
(3) Peer Tutors at an agreed location on campus

Tutoring at the Centre

Appointment and drop-in tutoring is offered by Learning Assistants at each Tutoring Centre for: Computer Programming, Math, Chemistry, English/Writing, Accounting, Finance, and Statistics – at no extra charge to you as a Sheridan student.

Success Stories

“If you feel you can’t grasp the material on your own then that's what tutoring is there for. At tutoring you can get help 1 on 1 and ask many questions without worrying about bothering the tutor because they are here for you”

-Sarah, Software Development and Network Engineering program

“The tutors have so much knowledge that we [may] not have. They’re a good resource especially for first year students”

-Miranda, Architectural Technician/Technology program

“Tutoring is very helpful because there [are few] chances to speak English with friends but if you attend tutoring you have lots of opportunity to practice. You can make a friend with the tutors, and from them, you can get a lot of help to upgrade your English”

-Sehyun (Eric), English Learning Studies program

You should attend tutoring because “you can’t wait or expect teachers to be perfect. I believe everyone is the master of their own destiny and tutoring helps to have perspective from another student (the tutor)”

-Matthew, Welding Techniques program

“If you study alone you might not know your weakness but you can overcome that by working in tutoring groups or 1 on 1 [to help identity areas of improvement]”

-Yui, English Learning Studies program

“English is my second language so I barely understand what the prof says so I can ask the tutors and they cover more specific information that the profs don’t cover in class"

-Steven, Architectural Technician/Technology program

PAL Program

Your PAL Leader facilitates study sessions for your class, to help you review notes, discuss readings, develop study skills and prepare for your tests and assignments.

Learning and Study Tools Hub

Looking to boost your skills and strategies for learning and studying? Browse these online resources to give you the edge you need to succeed.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors offer course-specific tutoring on campus, for a fee, in courses other than those supported by the Learning Assistants and PAL program.

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