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Tutoring Supports & Services

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Tutoring Services at Sheridan offers three kinds of tutoring:
1) Learning Assistants (LA) in the Tutoring Centres
2) Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) leaders in classrooms
3) Peer Tutors at a location on campus determined by you and your peer

Practice what you were taught in class
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Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Your PAL Leader is here to help you succeed.

The PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning) program is a modified supplemental instruction support program for first year, historically difficult, or mandatory "gatekeeper" courses at Sheridan. Your PAL Leader can help you review notes, discuss readings, develop study skills and prepare for your tests and assignments.

Are you a faculty member looking for a PAL Leader for your course?
Connect with the Tutoring Centre at tutoring@sheridancollege.ca

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Learning Assistants provide help with Computer Programming, Math, Chemistry, English/Writing, Accounting, Finance, and Statistics.

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Visit us - we're on every campus and open late. For more information, please see helpful documents below.

Academic Integrity

English Learning Assistants work with the Academic Integrity Office to deliver time management tutorials in the classroom, upon faculty requests.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors offer course-specific tutoring on campus, for a fee, in subjects other than those supported by our Learning Assistants.