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Library Services – Peer Mentors


Job Summary: 

Library Peer Mentors assist students in the use of the Library and its resources. They may conduct information/orientation sessions, create displays, and assist in the organization of special events.

Job Duties:

Helping with Research
-Demonstrate the use of the OPAC; explain how library materials are organized (Library of Congress)
-Assist students in selecting appropriate information resources for their research/assignments; highlight sources book marked on library research computers
-Demonstrate basic search techniques for electronic databases and the Internet

Basic Technical Support
-Give one-on-one assistance to students in saving/printing selected search results; connecting laptops to Library printer
-Assist in the use of photocopiers, printer and A/V equipment

Promoting Library Services and Resources
-Create posters and displays within the Library to promote online resources, special library collections and national awareness weeks or months
-Collaborate with peer mentors and staff from other areas of the college to coordinate library displays and presentations for college events, e.g. Orientation, Fabulous Friday
-Assist in the development of research aids and promotional flyers
-Write articles for the Sheridan Sun and targeted e-mail messages on Library resources/services

-Conduct Library orientation tours for students on a scheduled or drop-in basis
-Assist faculty with in-library demonstrations of electronic resources