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Career Planning Micro-Course

Ready to do Some In-Depth Career Planning?

Perhaps you have used our Career Planning QuickTips to access links to great career planning resources and labour market information. Or maybe you have tried the Idea Generator to learn your interest code and browse Sheridan programs to match.

Now, if you're ready to do some work, this micro-course designed by our Career Counsellor will walk you through the career exploration and educational planning process. Watch the video to get an overview of each module then download the course module and start investing in yourself. Modules updated 16-Dec-2013 (ver. 1.3)

Education is your route to a career destination, so choosing a program starts with choosing a career direction!

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Course Overview

Module 1: Assess Yourself
"Where Am I Now?"

Module 2: Generate Possibilities
"Where Might I Go?"

Module 3: Research Options
"What Are the Destinations Like?"

Module 4: Evaluate & Set Goals
"Which is the Right One(s) for Me?"

Module 5: Plan Education
"How do I Get There?"

*click on icon to open in Acrobat Reader or right-click and "Save target as..." to download.

Used some of our online career planning tools and looking for someone to speak with?

Future students can attend a career advising workshop for future students, to learn more about our career planning tools to help you choose the right program.

Current students (and grads!) can meet with a Career Counsellor.