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Co-Curricular Record

Sheridan's Co-Curricular Record Program


What is a Co-Curricular record?

A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an institutional document that formally recognizes a student's participation in a Sheridan approved CCR activity.

What are the benefit of having a Co-Curricular Record?

Employers value out of classroom experience and community involvement when hiring students and graduates, having a CCR record is concrete evidence of the student’s motivation to take responsibility for their learning and professional development
A CCR record can be used as strong supporting documentation when students apply for academic scholarships, bursaries and awards

What kind of activities are listed in the CCR’s Opportunities Directory?

Activities include student life programs, student leadership development programs, community engagement activities, clubs, athletics, committee participation and research projects. Academic credit is not provided for participating in these activities.
Sheridan’s CCR program adds new activities to the Opportunities Directory on an ongoing basis throughout the academic year so check the Directory frequently!

To visit the CCR website:

Current Sheridan students: Login to Access Sheridan, select the link “MySheridanCo-Curricular”

To visit the public view of the CCR website:

For more information about Sheridan’s CCR, please contact us directly at: