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All Sheridan campuses are closed until further notice. View COVID-19 updates, information and student supports

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What Students Need to Know?

With the shift to alternative methods of delivery, Accessible Learning (AL) is here to support you. Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

If you have more questions, comments, or concerns? Remember, AL is available to support you!

To book an appointment email us at:

Is Accessible Learning available?

Answer: Yes, Accessible Learning staff are available to support you with all your accommodation and learning needs. We are available virtually via phone, email, or video conferencing.

You can contact us by reaching out to your Accessible Learning Advisor, Learning Strategist and Assistive Technologist directly or by emailing

I’m concerned that changes to course delivery may impact my academic accommodations, who can I talk to?

Answer: We understand that changing course delivery may impact your academic accommodations and we are here to help you navigate this process, please contact your Accessible Learning Advisor by email. If you don’t know who your advisor is, email Once you’ve reviewed your course completion plans, you’re encouraged to reconnect with your professors, as soon as possible, about your specific academic accommodations in their course (i.e. will you need extra time to complete online tests/exams?) Your professor will not know that you need an accommodation if you don’t communicate with them.

I need help understanding my course completion plans.

Answer: Learning Strategists are available to help you create an updated semester plan. With these plans, you can gain a better understanding of your new and updated course expectations.

Semester plan appointments are available via video conferencing. Book an appointment with a campus Learning Strategist by emailing:

Will my exams still be written in the Assessment Centre?

Answer: A decision has been made that there will be no in-person exams as the Assessment Centre is closed. All exams will be done through SLATE.

What about my test accommodations such as extra time, quiet space, etc.?

Answer: Students MUST contact their instructor to request their individualized accommodations where the extra time can be added to the test on SLATE. If your accommodations have not been renewed, please contact your Accessible Learning Advisor. If you don’t know who your advisor is, email

My test accommodations include a reader and/or a scribe, how will these work for off-site online tests?

Answer: Accessible Learning Assistive Technologists (AT) are available to work with students remotely and support them with software training that can provide a similar experience to an in-person reader and/or a scribe. Speak with an Accessible Learning Assistive Technologist by booking an appointment through email to:

I am unfamiliar with the online learning environment, what can I do to prepare and be successful?


  1. Go through the course page and updates on SLATE
  2.  Speak with your Instructor
  3. Contact your Accessible Learning Advisor

In addition, attend an Online Learning to Learn Virtual Workshop; topics and dates listed below I’m really having trouble getting re-started and motivated to work on my assignments and prepare/study for online tests. What advise do you have that can help me?

Answer: Your campus Learning Strategist can help with strategies to assist and improve motivation. Book an appointment with or attend one of the live Learning to Learn Online Workshop.

I am having trouble keeping up with all the online reading and posting demands?

Answer: Consider downloading a trial of a helpful software called WordQ. It can float over Slate to read materials, support spelling and read back anything you write to aid in self-editing. You can also access online tutorials on how use WordQ Pro - For Colleges and Universities

  Attend a Learning to Learn Online Session, topics and dates as follows:

1) General tips on learning online: TBA

2) Managing your time and maintaining motivation for online courses: Thursday, April 2nd at 1 p.m.

3) Studying and test preparation for online courses: TBA