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Vikramjeet Dhaliwal

Police Foundations student Vikram Dhaliwal provides a handcuffing demonstration

Vikramjeet Dhaliwal’s journey to policing hasn’t been a typical one. Born in Punjab, India, Vikram began his career as a dentist. “My parents are both PhDs. They pushed me toward academics and the professions. When I finally came out from their shadow, I was able to pursue my own dream, which was always law enforcement.”

Within a month of becoming a certified dentist, Vikram moved to Canada, where he was free to make his own career choices. The City of Brampton hired him as a security guard, and that role eventually led him to Sheridan.

“I chose the Sheridan Police Foundations program because they have a partnership with the Peel Regional Police,” Vikram says.

The Peel internship was competitive, Vikram says, so he was delighted when he was among the ten students chosen for the three-month program. “We trained with the user force department. We learned basic self-defence and police techniques. We got presentations from various bureaus — about what they do and what services they provide. Sheridan teaches you so much about policing – so, so much – but this internship took it a little bit further, and gave you that close-up view of what day-to-day life is really like for police officers.”

Vikram appreciates these opportunities to learn by doing. “That’s one thing I really liked about my program. It wasn’t like education in India. You aren’t given a textbook to memorize, because that’s not going to help you as an officer on the street. You’re given opportunities to do things – to train, to act out real situations that you’ll face when you become an officer.”

Vikram says he’s happy to pay his dues as a uniform police officer, but thinks he’d eventually like to work in narcotics. For now, the recent Police Foundations graduate is working security while going through the lengthy police application process. “It’s a long process, but this is what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ll get there.”