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The play's the thing

In the years since, he has also been an enthusiastic patron, often attending multiple performances of the same show. “I like to see a show evolve, and witness the maturation of the artists over time. If I come to a dress rehearsal and see it later in its run, the difference is incredible.”

Before signing up as a Theatre Sheridan donor, Bob had experience of philanthropic giving to a larger institution, but “when I encountered the advancement staff at Sheridan it was a completely different experience. They made me feel wanted, needed, welcomed. They truly value everyone who supports Sheridan in ways both large and small, and that inclusiveness adds extra value to the relationship.”

Bob’s passion for Theatre Sheridan is palpable and sure to endure for years to come. And that first show that got him hooked six years ago? The Drowsy Chaperone, only the fourth Canadian musical to make it to Broadway, now followed by the fifth – Come from Away.