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Guidelines for Alumni2Alumni Connections

Guidelines for Alumni2Alumni Connections Sheridan Connect Logo

Sheridan Connect Alumni Program Guidelines

Designed for Sheridan College Alumni who are looking to grow their professional network, Sheridan Connect links graduates together for Alumni2Alumni (A2A) conversations. All Sheridan alumni are invited to join this program.


Why Connect?  

Peer-to-peer coaching is a valuable tool for professional development. An alumni peer can:

  • Share knowledge and best practices
  • Help amplify new skills and techniques
  • Support you to build competencies
  • Provide new perspective on overcoming challenges
  • Give feedback and advice on how to further your professional goals 

The benefits of volunteering for Alumni2Alumni Connections include:

  • Gain valuable insights and learn different perspectives
  • Build camaraderie and positivity
  • Make an impact on a fellow alum’s career path 

How it works

Commitment A2A Connections provide the means to find and connect alumni peers. You can choose to meet outside the framework of this program for as long as you both find mutually beneficial. Meeting Place Your meeting can be informal or formal. In person meetings always work best. Some suggestions are: 
  • Meet for a coffee
  • Having lunch
  • An office setting

Volunteer for A2A Connections (Share your advice)

Sign-in to the Sheridan Connect Alumni Online Community. In your profile, check Willing to be a Mentor and Alumni2Alumni Connections. Fellow alumni will be able to search the directory, view your profile and make a Request for mentorship.  
You will receive an email notification of any Request for mentorship. Sign-in to the Sheridan Connect Alumni Online Community to view this request and view the profile of the alumnus/alumna looking to connect with you. You have the option to accept or decline this request. 

You can connect with as many alumni as you wish. If you are no longer able to participate in Alumni2Alumni Connections, sign-in to the Sheridan Connect Alumni Online Community and in your profile, de-select Alumni2Alumni Connections. You can adjust your settings as often as you like.

Find an A2A Connection (Seek advice)

Sign-in to the Sheridan Connect Alumni Online Community. In the directory, use the Refine your Search box and check Willing to be a Mentor and Alumni2Alumni Connection to get a list of all alumni who have volunteered to connect. You may further refine your search by program of study, location, industry or company if applicable. 

Once you have identified a potential Alumni Connection, visit their profile and click Request mentorship. A message box will appear where you can type in your request. 

You will receive an email notification when your request has been accepted or declined. If accepted, begin to communicate with your alumni connection by email or phone (whatever is most convenient) to set up an appropriate time for your meeting. 

If your request is declined, contact Sheridan College Alumni Relations ( for further assistance.

Tips for Effective Alumni Connections

  • Active listening helps you determine how to effectively help your alumni peers
  • Be open and share your own experiences as it relates to the conversation
  • Share additional resources that can be helpful to your fellow alum


Please provide us with your feedback so that we can improve and enhance the Alumni2Alumni Connections program. Contact or 905-815-4078.

Thank you for your support!