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Alumni Profiles

Patrick Molicard Chartier

Patrick Molicard Chartier

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies
Year of Graduation: 2008
Program: Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Born to Teach

Patrick Molicard-Chartier is a passionate early childhood educator, elementary school teacher and children’s rights advocate. Following his Sheridan graduation, Patrick earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University (2010), and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto (2011). Graduating with high honours from Sheridan, Patrick received two Leadership Awards, one from the Sheridan Student Union and one from the college overall. 

He has taught at both the primary and post-secondary school level, most recently at Humber College in the Early Childhood Education program. He has also worked with children in Ghana and Switzerland.

Where did you grow up and what led to your interest in early childhood education? 

I was born and raised in Oakville. After high school, I attended the University of Guelph for English Literature and French Studies, however I was unsatisfied with what I was taking. Through my electives in Child and Family Studies, I had developed a strong need to teach. So I withdrew from Guelph and applied to the ECE program at Sheridan.

Why Sheridan? 

Of all the post-secondary institutions I’ve been involved with, Sheridan was the best fit for me. The college understands what a learning community truly is, and I have longed to be part of an institution like Sheridan ever since.

What did you teach overseas? 

During my studies at Ryerson University, I was chosen to represent the ECE students as part of a project to design and build a school in rural Ghana. Not only did I act as a consultant on the design of the building but I was able to teach in the new kindergarten school. This project spoke to me since its inception. The fact that the project had a direct impact on the improvement of education in Ghana was a dream come true for me.

Following my time in Ghana, I spent three summers teaching at an international children’s camp in the Swiss Alps. In addition to working as a drama and photography instructor, I coached basketball, a long-time passion of mine. My fluency in French – it’s my first language – was an asset during these years. I have dual citizenship in France and Canada.

What drew you to focus on international childcare development, special needs inclusion and children's rights?

My focus towards these areas is rooted in the early exposure I was giving to all of these issues at Sheridan. After graduation, I maintained my interest in childcare rights, taking additional courses in special needs inclusion as well as international childcare and international development as part of my BA degree.

What advice would you offer a new ECE graduate?

There are so many opportunities in education that this diploma qualifies you for. Never stop learning and bettering yourself because your influence on children will last a lifetime and the impact you have on families is stronger than you might think. Whether or not you continue your ECE studies or pursue another route; just never stop learning!