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Alumni Profiles

David Dyson

David Dyson

Pilon School of Business
Year of Graduation: 2002
Program: Business Administration - Marketing Coop

Business Advice

When I accepted a co-op position with Microsoft in my third year of the Business Administration Program, I had no idea that, 14 years later, I would still be there – participating in the latest technology swings, launching new and innovative products like Xbox, XBOX 360, Zune, and Windows Vista, and chatting on a daily basis with people who are literally shaping the way in which we work together.

All this has been possible because of my days at Sheridan – the co-op program was, perhaps, the most important decision I ever made and has been the launching pad for everything since. I distinctly recall the amazing people in Student Services and the Co-op Department offering assistance, guidance and, when I needed it, a kick in the pants to get moving. Rob Till’s entire team at that time took genuine interest in what I was doing and were fabulous to work with.

One of my fondest memories from Sheridan surrounds The Cage. It has to do with a project we did in our Marketing Research course. We selected The Cage as our client for our project in an effort to help them increase business and excite the students about their own pub. Back then, it was a plain white room with tables, games and the bar. Through our research, we were able to make many recommendations around such things as promoting the name and changing the internal décor. I’m proud to say that they implemented many of our recommendations and greatly increased their business.

If you ask me for one piece of advice, I’ll tell you this: have fun at school but temper it with the wisdom to excel in your studies. Consider the co-op program as it offers a decent wage while you’re at school and, more importantly, invaluable experience for the rest of your life.