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Alumni Profiles

Adrian Wellman and curtis Wilson

Adrian Wellman and Curtis Wilson 

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies
Year of Graduation: 2012
Program: Athletic Therapy (Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences)

Focused on Fitness

Adrian Wellman and Curtis Wilson had their sights set on opening their own athletic training facility even before they walked through Sheridan’s doors. The duo, Kinesiology graduates from McMaster University where they met, started building a client list while they were still studying athletic therapy at Sheridan, by providing strength and conditioning services to female hockey teams in the GTA.

Less than a year after graduation, the two alumni opened their own facility, PEAKS Training and Therapy in Mississauga in March 2013. They rely on a sound business plan that emphasizes their clinic’s uniqueness, and clearly outlines client marketing strategies. “Being prepared, creating a system, and being 100% committed are the only ways to successfully open your own facility,” they say. Although the process was a little daunting, it is an integral part of professional growth, add Curtis and Adrian. “Change only happens when you step out of your comfort zone.”

That is a message they impart to their clients, who are urged to push themselves but in a controlled way to avoid injury and abandoning their efforts altogether. “We place strong emphasis on establishing goals – both immediate and long-term,” explain Adrian and Curtis. “Goal setting also helps encourage clients to make changes on a personal level and keeps them focused day-to-day.”

All along, the duo keeps sight on their own goals as they continue to grow their business. “With our education, experience, passion and drive, we believe we are able to provide the best possible service to clients while instilling a permanent change in their lifestyle.”