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Scott Stratten

Tips for landing on top of the resume pile

April 22, 2016

A visit from Scott Stratten is guaranteed to be full of fun but among the humorous anecdotes from the social marketing expert and 1998 Human Resources grad are always gems of advice. Read tips from Scott’s April 11 on-campus presentation, from navigating a job interview to the power of social media. Thanks to Sheridan’s Public Relations and Corporate Communications program for hosting the @Unmarketing forum.

A member of Sheridan’s Business Hall of Fame, Scott is the President of Un-Marketing, author of four successful books including his latest UnSelling: The New Customer Experience. Check out his podcast, The UnPodcast: The Business Podcast For the Fed-Up, or pick up one of his books

Here are some tops tips from Scott’s presentation.

Job search:

• On your resume, list your skills on technology platforms. SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - They are the most popular forms of communication and they are not just personal anymore. It is going to be your biggest advantage in the workforce because you have experience in these platforms and so many companies don’t.

• As a mind set in your interview, understand that you make the final call. The pressure is on the interviewer to find the right person within a certain amount of time and resources.

• What do you say when asked for your greatest weakness in a job interview? Any answer you can give that has nothing to do with your job. I like to say I would like to learn more about something – an industry, a sport, etc. Your answer doesn’t really matter, it’s how you make the interviewer feel about you. You could say, “I’m not a perfectionist, but I try my best and know that I can learn more about this field as I go along.”

• Make sure to check your digital trail. Employers will find that inappropriate tweet or Instagram post from last year.

Social media today

• Recency vs. relevancy. Our entire world is built on predicting our relevance. Instagram and Facebook are now changing their policy by posting the most relevant photos instead of the most recent. Facebook tells you what story, what video, what post is worthy.

• We want relevancy because relevancy keeps people coming back to platforms. Relevancy is KING.

• Know the difference between vanity and actual social media metrics. Vanity metrics sound good – retweets, likes, reach, views. Real analytics are clicks, conversions, purchases.

• Vanity numbers can be deceiving. Twitter reach example: I have 182,000 followers on twitter. If I tweeted a hashtag today 10 times, twitter reach would say those tweets reached 1.8 million – 10 times my followers. But there are two problems: It’s the same audience 10 times, plus and it’s real time. Only about 10% of your followers are likely to be online at any given time.

• Always ask "why?" It will greatly advance you in the world of communications. No communication tool works on its own, it's the content you put into it.

• We can look at trends and projections, but no one has predicted where our technology is today.

Watch Scott’s talk on SheridanPRblog

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