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Alumni News

Success is Flowing for Meaghan Ogilvie

June 28, 2011

Meaghan Ogilvie’s (Applied Photography ’03) work has been turning heads since graduation. Her portfolio is part of the Art Takes London competition this month which awards $10,000 cash and a show at SCOPE Art London. Her art is also featured in the May-June 2011 Applied Arts Photography and Illustration Awards. This spring her piece, Succumbed, was selected for inclusion in the May-June edition of Applied Arts magazine’s Photography and Illustration Awards. Meaghan’s work was also featured during Toronto’s Fashion Alternative Week at the end of April. 

Meaghan began exhibiting her work right after graduation. Her underwater series was particularly well received, having won the Peoples’ Choice Award at the 2008 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Corporate Purchase Award at the 2009 Toronto Artist Project. Her father’s struggle with the degenerative neurological disorder Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA) was a driving force behind the underwater series, says Meaghan. 

“I wanted to express moments of fluid freedom so that the viewer could feel at peace and weightless. Every person has experienced a feeling of restriction to a certain degree and I wanted to create serene imagery as a form of therapy.” 

In July, Meaghan will be learning new video technologies during a residency at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She plans to apply motion to her new underwater photography work which will be featured at the 2012 Toronto Artist Project. 

Meaghan sees photography as a door to a “world of opportunities and adventures. I wanted a career where I could express myself visually and be constantly challenged. All of my inspiration has come from personal experiences that have been difficult.”