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Recent Grads Win Film Pitch Contest

November 17, 2014

Congratulations to Luca Tarantini and Matt Cays (both Advanced Television and Film, 2014) on winning the Innoversity Pitch Competition in the short film category last month. The duo landed the prize for their documentary, Tiger Man. This is the second award for Luca and Matt this year. They also won the TVO Best Short Doc Studio Contest in April for The Middle Way.

Innoversity is a not-for-profit organization working to increase the participation and representation of cultural minority, Aboriginal and disabled Canadians in the media industry and public sector. The grads’ win comes with a cash prize, as well as a wide range of film development, mentorship and screening opportunities.

Tiger Man tells the story of Nanda Guha, an Indian prince who immigrated to the woods of Muskoka to establish an exotic cat menagerie, and the misunderstanding that ensues when a jaguar escapes. "Tiger Man raises issues that are relevant to all Canadians,” explains Matt. It's an immigrant story; it touches on concepts of fear and understanding of 'the other' - in this case Guha and his animals. The story also examines a growing trend of immigrants moving to non-urban centers.

Working to ensure their story resonated with the jury was the big challenge and ultimately led to their success, says Luca. “You could have a fantastic idea with loads of potential, but the way you communicate that is what convinces people."

The prize has opened up a new and exciting road for the filmmakers, adds Matt. “What’s next for us? Lots of hard work as a team to make sure Tiger Man becomes the film we want it to be. Also, exploring the wide world of working in film as we figure out where we fit into it!"

Check out the Tiger Man Facebook page.