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Ongoing Learning Key to Keeping One Step Ahead

November 07, 2013

Ongoing Learning Key to Keeping One Step Ahead

"It’s hard to keep up with the fast pace of technology once you’re away from school so take advantage of any opportunity to learn,” advised Jennifer Benedict (Architectural Technology, 2008). She was one of 11 alumni offering words of wisdom to students from the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology at a mentoring event on October 30.

Although it’s been five years since she graduated, Jennifer still has a strong attachment to Sheridan. She met her husband at the college and forged some close friendships through her program and as a member of the Student Union.  Now a Building Consultant with Carson Dunlop Weldon and Associates, Jennifer also holds a Masters of Engineering and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies.

“I look back at my education and know that I learned the most and got the most value out of my college experience,” she recalled.  New grads will maintain an edge in the workforce if they regularly upgrade the valuable technical skills they gained at Sheridan, added Jennifer.  “Continuous education in any industry is what keeps us one step ahead in a world that is changing constantly.”

It also doesn’t hurt to keep a steady eye open to new opportunities even if they take a while to materialize, said Liliana Cordoba (Chemical Engineering Technology, 2006), Technical Sales Representative for contracting and paving company, Norjohn Limited.  Like many new alumni, she took what she could get upon entering the workforce. “But I always kept looking for openings in the area that interested me the most.  I moved around to a number of companies before finding one where I felt connected and saw a chance to grow.”

Not that job hunting is an easy road to travel, she added. “It can be frustrating.  If you don’t get past the first interview then it probably wasn’t the right job for you. Keep from ruminating over the situation and get on with seeking out the next opportunity.” This is the ideal time to tap into your support system to help get you through life’s challenges, Liliana also recommended.

Thanks to all the alumni who shared their hard-won advice with Sheridan engineering and technology students at the event:

Jennifer Benedict (Architectural Technology, 2008)

Liliana Cordoba (Chemical Engineering Technology, 2006)

Richard Edwards (Chemical Engineering Technology, 1990)

Robert Golabek (Computer Programmer, 2000)

Stuart Hill (Architectural Technology, 2008)

Geoff Hogan (Computer Science Technology, 2000)

Leif Madsen (Telecommunications Technology, 2005)

Mike Moore (Architectural Technology, 2013)

Jag Saini (Chemical Engineering Technology Environmental Coop, 2009)

Steven Schermel (Architectural Technology, 2008)

Michael Tobin (Electronics Engineering Technology, 2008)